Secure Your Space With a Reliable Access Control System

Use Technology to Maintain Control of Your Business

You don't have to give away the keys when you have an access control system for your business. When you give your employees access to the areas where they need to go, you get to keep all of the control. Different employees can have different levels of access, which you get to decide.
Each of your employees will have his or her own access card that will enable him or her to only enter designated areas set by you. All of this information is stored within our card access and FOB access systems, and the level of access can be changed at any time. 

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Access Control System

Get an Isonas Access Control System

Our Isonas access systems allow for you to integrate easily across all of your existing security systems. You can add different features and systems without any problem now or in the future.

Our pure-IP system is equipped with a TCP or IP interface that will easily work with your existing topography and give you a command set that has all of the features you could possibly want across the paired system.

You don't have to worry about learning a whole new system every time you make a change. Our technology is easy to install and user-friendly. Once you get it installed, you're ready to go right after setup. Enjoy all of the integration features that include:
  • Video management systems
  • Physical security information systems
  • Time accounting and management systems
  • Microsoft active directory
  • Point of sale
Easy Integration

Providing Easy Integration Between Systems

  • Provide users with a single interface to control doors, manage alarms, and manage events
  • Allows for quick training with integrated software
  • Allows for a central command and control
  • Monitors many building systems from a common interface
  • Accommodate a wide range of services
  • Intrusion systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Multiple video systems
  • Perimeter protection
  • Intercom systems
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Automatically track employee attendance and hours
  • Interface with a variety of different time accounting systems
  • Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Human Resource teams can easily manage credentials of employees
  • Designate specific departments to manage information
  • Flexible software platform and TCP or IP allows POS systems to communicate directly with ISONAS systems
  • Customers can easily renew memberships with your POS system
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